[Webinar] Employee Referrals – Your Go To Strategy For 2014

Upcoming Webinar presented by Dr. John Sullivan  If you’re frustrated with the mostly mediocre results produced by your current corporate employee referral program, it is important to realize that with only a handful of action steps you can dramatically improve both the quality and the volume of referrals. Referral Program managers need to realize that there is a growing performance …

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[Webinar] 2010 Talent Acquisition Trends: Q & A on Recommended Action Steps

Prepare action step outlines — it’s not necessary to complete a detailed written plan for every possibility, but you should prepare an action outline highlighting the key steps that you would take for the most likely upcoming events. Develop these steps using if-then scenarios (i.e. if this happens, then we will take these actions or steps). Prioritize jobs — because …

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College Recruiting on a Shoestring Budget – ERE Community Q&A

Questions & Answers How do you make the business case to managers who believe now is not the time to be recruiting college grads/interns, etc.? What are the long-term consequences of stopping college recruiting? Any time you make a business case you need to address the concerns of your audience and sell your solutions in terms they value. Most managers …

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