November 15 , 2018


Top 7 Reasons Why Recruiting AI Talent Is Critical To Your Firm’s Success

Picture of a brain in two parts: artificial and human.

It’s hard to find a business or technology publication these days that don’t have an article covering the upcoming dominance of artificial intelligence or its more advanced cousin, machine learning. And artificial intelligence is even beginning to make inroads into the operations of the recruiting function itself. But unfortunately, many recruiting leaders have yet to realize that executives at their …

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What’s Wrong With Corporate Culture As A Management Tool? Almost Everything!

Little boy in the boss' chair.

The top 15 most damaging shortcomings of managing using your culture It’s no secret that most in HR and many CEOs are enamored with “corporate culture,” which is essentially the “invisible hand” that helps guide the behavior of your employees. And because every firm has a corporate culture, the mere existence of one isn’t sufficient to guarantee better business results …

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New Trend: Employee Sentiment Now Dictates Business and Talent Decisions

A group of faceless employees on a wall

Can you remember a time in history when corporate employees decided which firms their company would do business with? Probably not, because for well for over a century the only real way employees could influence their firm’s corporate business decisions was indirectly through their union. But recently an alternative and powerful influence approach “employee sentiment power” has emerged. This trend …

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HR, We Have A Problem: Up To 80% Of Employees Don’t Trust Us

Building employee trust is a cornerstone of HR’s values. So, everyone in HR should pay immediate attention when they learn that in excess of 70% of employees working at each ofthe top 4 most valuable firms in the US report that they “Don’t trust HR.” Yes, a recent survey by TeamBlind found that even at these four powerhouse top market cap firms, …

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Clashes Over Ethics At Major Tech Companies Are Causing Problems For Recruiters

Dr Sullivan interviewed and quoted in this Buzzfeed article. ________________ Already dealing with backlash from employees who object to working with government agencies, major tech companies are now facing criticism from a new source — prospective hires. Caroline O’Donovan BuzzFeed News Reporter Posted on August 27, 2018, at 4:02 p.m. ET When Matt Meshulam, a Chicago-based software engineer, received a …

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On Becoming A Scientific HR Function – Learning From Amazon And Google

Did you know that “becoming scientific” is a strategic goal that is shared by the HR functions of two of the top three most valuable firms in the world? Yes, Amazon’s goal is to “Become the most scientific HR organization in the world,” and Google’s goal is to become as scientific as their engineering functions by bringing “The same level of rigor …

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Using Incentives to Attract Interviewees — Don’t Miss This Trend

If you are having difficulty getting prospects to interview, join the trend of offering qualified candidates incentives for interviewing or job acceptance. This might initially sound like a crazy idea until you realize that using incentives to attract customers is a proven practice with a high ROI. So learn from marketing and offer small incentives (usually a gift card) for …

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The Next Big Thing in HR – A Post-Text World Dominated by Voice and Video

As seen on TLNT. Among the buzz about new HR technologies, most miss what may literally become the most important shift — the death of narrative text. Yes, every other business function is already shifting to a post-text communications world that is dominated by video and voice. Of course, it’s no secret that since day one, HR has been providing …

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