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Outrageous Recruiting Examples – Stretching Your Conservative Recruiting Boundaries

Think differently about recruiting to hire creative people. Credit: Pixabay

Recruiting is a risk-averse copycat function. However, to get creative prospects to notice you, having the courage to add boundary-stretching “outrageous recruiting” approaches is needed. Using even one will make your organization stand out. Outrageous Recruiting Sends Both An Employer Brand And A Recruiting Message  Few recruiting leaders will publicly admit it, but recruiting is a copycat function. Where every …

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Remote Video Interviews – A Guide For Improving Their Accuracy

Walk me through the problem online. Credit Pixabay.

Remote video interviews are suddenly quite popular, but few realize that they have serious flaws that negatively impact the decisions made after using them. And with many recruiters now working from home, it’s critical to immediately remedy these design flaws that hurt your quality of hire. This article is a quick guide to a dozen easy remote video interview (RVI) practices and tips that can result in a significant improvement in your results.

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Alert — Recruiting’s Future Will Be Dominated By a Full Cycle Self-Service Phone App!

This “think piece” is designed to stimulate your thoughts around the future of recruiting Forget what you’ve read about the future of recruiting because the biggest driver of change will be an integrated self-service phone app. A single integrated phone app will dominate because often today’s recruiting processes are merely a hodgepodge of barely connected parts. Executives now expect all …

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Powerful Deal Closers — When You Positively Must Land a Candidate

There are few things more frustrating to a hiring manager or recruiter than having an in-demand top candidate who you have fought hard to sell reject your offer at the last minute. However, if you are willing to go the extra mile, there are some powerful deal closers or sweeteners that you should consider. These deal closers aren’t cheap or …

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How Hiring Technology Helps Companies Overcome Talent Shortages Featuring Dr. John Sullivan

During a talent shortage, businesses cannot afford to let their own conscious or unconscious biases infiltrate their hiring processes. These biases result in companies screening out qualified candidates who are perceived to fit a negative stereotype, warns HR consultant Dr. John Sullivan. The result is a significant narrowing of an already tight talent pool.  AI helps companies eliminate human and systemic …

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Powerful Actions for Convincing Top Prospects to Apply in the Public Sector

In today’s highly competitive recruiting market, convincing public-sector recruiting prospects to actually apply for a job requires unique and powerful selling approaches. So if you’re tired of struggling to reach your recruiting goals, and you’re ready to abandon your traditional cookie-cutter approach, here are the most effective actions for encouraging top applicants to apply (this list was originally developed for …

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Cover Letters — Understanding Why Recruiters Must Discourage Them

The cover letter is antiquated, and it needs to be discouraged. It reduces applications and its content can result in mis-hires. Yes, overall the traditional cover letter is a dinosaur that is well on its way to extinction. But if you want to improve the hiring process, understand the reasons why you need to discourage them upfront. The harm that …

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Interview with Tharawat Magazine – The Revolution in Recruitment: The Rise of Predictive Hiring

“Progressive companies are sourcing the best global talent and allowing employees to work remotely. […] Their recruiting practices give them a competitive advantage.” How has hiring changed? Recruitment has changed drastically in the last 10-15 years, driven by companies that have used technology to recruit more effectively. Progressive companies are sourcing the best global talent and allowing employees to work …

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