Retention – why employees leave – Why do people leave a job for a better job?

People often lie in exit interviews about why they are leaving. Managers should, of course, know in advance who is leaving and why. A comprehensive list like this is of little value unless you use it as a guide to gather your own information as to why YOUR workers are leaving. Top Reasons…why people leave their jobs (research results) Harvard Business …

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Retention “ToolKit” – 63 retention tools and tips you can use tomorrow

I was speaking at an International Institute for Research seminar last week (they are great people) and my Retention Tool kit got a good response. Here it is in checklist form. Retention “ToolKit” 63 Retention Tools And Tips You Can Use Tomorrow Measure and reward managers (teams) for attracting, developing and retaining the best.Identify and fix bad managers.Treat people differently …

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Post-Exit Interviews – More useful than exit interviews

Expect to find a significant difference in the answers you get from post-exit interviews/questionnaires (as opposed to traditional exit interviews) because: Individuals are less emotional 6 months later.They have had time to reflect and compare “us”to their new situation.And they no longer have the need for a “good”reference from their manager “restricting” their answers. Note: Have a process in place …

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