Developing Employee Challenge Plans

Retaining key employees is one of the hottest Human Resource issues companies are facing today. Numerous studies have identified the reasons why employees leave their jobs. Perhaps surprisingly, the key reason employees leave is not compensation. In a similar vein, studies show that the key reason applicants accept new jobs is not …

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Developing World Class Job Rotation Programs to Improve Retention!

Guide for assessing and improving job rotation programs. by John Sullivan and Sandra Au The business impacts of job rotation programs: Developing new products and cutting time to market require a stable and productive work force. The stability and productivity of the work force can be dramatically increased by ensuring that every employee …

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What is the Ideal turnover rate

There are many opinions about what is the “ideal” turnover rate. Here is how a CEO might look at it. Voluntary turnover should be zero for the top 10% of our best performers.Turnover should be 100% for the bottom 10% (our Worst performers).Voluntary turnover should be zero for the key jobs and key competencies …

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