Competitive Intelligence

Educate Hiring Managers on Their Competitive Landscape — Recruit When Competition Is Low

Everyone should already know that the best time to recruit is when the competition is low. However, it’s difficult to find corporate recruiters who routinely report to their hiring managers the current level of competition faced in relation to their newly opened job. The technical term for this external analysis is the “competitive landscape” for the job. A typical competitive-landscape …

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How Hiring Technology Helps Companies Overcome Talent Shortages Featuring Dr. John Sullivan

During a talent shortage, businesses cannot afford to let their own conscious or unconscious biases infiltrate their hiring processes. These biases result in companies screening out qualified candidates who are perceived to fit a negative stereotype, warns HR consultant Dr. John Sullivan. The result is a significant narrowing of an already tight talent pool.  AI helps companies eliminate human and systemic …

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Gaining A Competitive Advantage Through Increasing “The Speed Of Hire”

Want to achieve extraordinary results? Set unreasonable timetables! – John Patrick IBM Strategist What is the speed of hire? A deliberate strategy for improving the quality of our hires by decreasing the cycle time for making a hiring decision. Don’t confuse speed of hire with “time to fill”. Speed of hire is a strategy to increase the quality of the …

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