Valero Case Study — Simplified SLA Example

Staffing Department: Service Level Agreement

Customer Commitment:

  1. Utilize the Manager Self Service (“MSS”) portal for all staffing resume reviews, request and applicant processing.
  2. Work with the recruiter to develop an effective online pre-screen questionnaire, screening processes, and interview strategy.

Staffing Commitment:

  1. Post job within 48 hours of receiving approved job
    1. Major job postings
    2. Industry-specific postings (niche)
    3. Employee Referral Program
  2. Mine all sources and push top candidates to the manager through MSS  within 7 days:
    1. Employee development program
    2. Valero applicant database
    3. Internet through relevancy search, crawling system
    4. Candidate pipeline database from targeted branding programs
  3. Review and push top candidates twice weekly to the manager through MSS until the position is not open.
  4. Respond to and take action upon all manager requests coming through the MSS system within 48 hours.
  5. Develop and extend an offer within 72 hours of manager request.

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