The Expanding Role of Recruiters in Strategic Talent Management

Presentation Date:  April 8, 2010

Producer:  TriState SHRM (

Event Type:  Conference

Session Description:

When the housing bubble burst and financial institutions around the globe started wavering, many in the recruiting profession felt that it was only a matter of time before throngs of recruiters were laid off as organizations attempting to weather the economic downturn shed every cost possible. Fortunately for many fearing the worst, recruiting functions in general were not decimated as in past recessions. This time, many organizations demonstrated through action that strategic recruiting capability is a core business capability and one that cannot be easily eliminated and started up again simply as conditions turn more favorable. Instead of being laid off, recruiters in talent management best practice organizations have increasingly been tapped to play a role in broader talent management activities. During this session with world renowned thought leader and HR strategist, Dr. John Sullivan, you will learn:

  • What strategic activities recruiters are taking on in leading talent management functions
  • How social networks, generational divides, globalization, and a constant demand for innovation and workforce productivity are changing the game of world-class recruiting
  • How to make the business case for broadening the scope of a recruiter’s responsibilities in your organization
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of broader talent management initiatives and
  • How to drive sustainability of talent management initiatives when economic recovery begins stretching resources

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About Dr John Sullivan

Dr John Sullivan is an internationally known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley who specializes in providing bold and high business impact; strategic Talent Management solutions to large corporations.

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