How do I obtain reprint/republication permission for an article?

Dr. John Sullivan & Associates is pleased that you are interested in reprinting or republishing an article written by one of our associates.  We routinely grant written permission under the following guidelines:

  • A permission request must be sent to [email protected] that includes the full title of the article you wish to reprint/republish, your contact information, publication name, estimated publication date, and general audience demographics.
  • The target publication must be made available to subscribers free of charge.  If your subscribers pay a periodic fee to receive your publication, you may purchase a commissioned article.
  • The article in question must be republished in its entirety. If you need something shorter or longer a commisioned version of the article in question may be available.
  • Attribution of the work to its original author must be maintained.
  • You must include a link to
      • Upon publication we request that you forward to us the URL of the publication or if the publication is in print, that you forward two copies to the US Mail address listed on the Contact Us page of this site.

If you have any questions about reprinting or republishing, please submit them via e-mail to [email protected].

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Dr John Sullivan is an internationally known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley who specializes in providing bold and high business impact; strategic Talent Management solutions to large corporations.

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