December 15 , 2017

Recruiting Strategy

The Dollar Impact of Great Recruiting: A Must-Do Calculation

There is nothing more important in the business world than demonstrating the dollar impact of what you do. Every major business function from marketing, sales, finance, supply chain, customer service, and production routinely demonstrate their return on investment. However, as with many aspects of corporate life, HR tends to be the exception to the rule. Over the course of my ... Read More »

Attract Reluctant Applicants by Compiling Your Selling Points

Many organizations struggle to get enough high-quality applicants. While corporate websites, job boards, and events generate lots of flow, most agree that the quality is lacking in a vast majority of applicants. The culprit might be how organizations sell their opportunities. A quick scan of major job boards, print advertisements, and corporate career sites reveals that organizations rely on ordinary, ... Read More »

The 20 “Rules” for Great Recruiting

Recruiting Rule #1: You must declare war and act like warriors in order to win. It takes an aggressive approach to get the best talent. Aggressive recruiting starts with competitive intelligence and a strong desire to win. It ends with the goal of continually improving everything you do so that you can stay ahead of the competitors. You must continually ... Read More »

Not Enough Recruiters? Maybe You Need a Talent Scout Program

Are you facing talent shortages? Do you need more help but have no headcount for more recruiters? Are you working in an industry where talent isn’t that visible? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Despite legislation that makes the recruiting process more laborious, an increase in the complexity of skills needed, a global talent shortage, demands from candidates ... Read More »

The Single Most Powerful Question in Recruiting

How to Use The Information Once you know a candidate's criteria, use it in the following ways: Screening out. Obviously, if their acceptance criteria include things your firm can't or won't offer (i.e., the option to work at home), you can then screen out candidates early on in the process. Crafting your sales pitch. Once you know the candidate's decision ... Read More »

Remote College Recruiting, Part 2 of a 2-Part Series

In part one of this series I highlighted the many reasons why you should include remote college recruiting as part of your college hiring strategy. In part two, I will highlight action steps, tools, and approaches that you can use to identify and sell top college students remotely. Tools for Virtual College Recruiting (Identifying and Selling)   Finding people remotely ... Read More »

Remote College Recruiting, Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

As recruiting continues to become more difficult, more and more companies are looking to reinvigorate their college recruiting programs and concentrate a greater percentage of external hiring efforts on entry-level professionals. If you are preparing to go that route, I suggest you look at some of the new approaches that comprise “remote” college recruiting. Many of these approaches produce three-times ... Read More »

Interviews: Is it Time to Blow Them Up? (Part 2 in a 2-Part Series)

Last week I started this series by asking why organizations continue to use interviews as the primary means of assessment, given that they stink as a predictive indicator of performance and nearly every person involved hates them. The response to Part 1 was largely supportive, while a few comments supported interviews for their ability to help gauge team fit. To ... Read More »

Interviews: Is it Time to Blow Them Up? (Part 1 in a 2-Part Series)

I’ve always been curious as to why everyone continues to use interviews as a primary means of assessing candidates. Managers don’t like to do them, candidates literally hate them, and as a predictive indicator of performance, they stink! “Interviews are a terrible predictor of performance.”   That quote isn’t an opinion, it’s a statement of fact based on the past ... Read More »

Reference Checking Approaches: Is it Time to Blow Yours up?

Reference checking of candidates is conducted by nearly every firm in the Untied States. Some firms conduct them internally, while others outsource the process. Unfortunately, both approaches are often executed with little concern for accuracy or effectiveness. In fact, it is not uncommon for reference checks to be completed by recruiting coordinators with little subject-matter expertise, using a generic set ... Read More »