October 16 , 2017

Recruiting Strategy

The Single Most Powerful Question in Recruiting

How to Use The Information Once you know a candidate's criteria, use it in the following ways: Screening out. Obviously, if their acceptance criteria include things your firm can't or won't offer (i.e., the option to work at home), you can then screen out candidates early on in the process. Crafting your sales pitch. Once you know the candidate's decision ... Read More »

Remote College Recruiting, Part 2 of a 2-Part Series

In part one of this series I highlighted the many reasons why you should include remote college recruiting as part of your college hiring strategy. In part two, I will highlight action steps, tools, and approaches that you can use to identify and sell top college students remotely. Tools for Virtual College Recruiting (Identifying and Selling)   Finding people remotely ... Read More »

Remote College Recruiting, Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

As recruiting continues to become more difficult, more and more companies are looking to reinvigorate their college recruiting programs and concentrate a greater percentage of external hiring efforts on entry-level professionals. If you are preparing to go that route, I suggest you look at some of the new approaches that comprise “remote” college recruiting. Many of these approaches produce three-times ... Read More »

Interviews: Is it Time to Blow Them Up? (Part 2 in a 2-Part Series)

Last week I started this series by asking why organizations continue to use interviews as the primary means of assessment, given that they stink as a predictive indicator of performance and nearly every person involved hates them. The response to Part 1 was largely supportive, while a few comments supported interviews for their ability to help gauge team fit. To ... Read More »

Interviews: Is it Time to Blow Them Up? (Part 1 in a 2-Part Series)

I’ve always been curious as to why everyone continues to use interviews as a primary means of assessing candidates. Managers don’t like to do them, candidates literally hate them, and as a predictive indicator of performance, they stink! “Interviews are a terrible predictor of performance.”   That quote isn’t an opinion, it’s a statement of fact based on the past ... Read More »

Reference Checking Approaches: Is it Time to Blow Yours up?

Reference checking of candidates is conducted by nearly every firm in the Untied States. Some firms conduct them internally, while others outsource the process. Unfortunately, both approaches are often executed with little concern for accuracy or effectiveness. In fact, it is not uncommon for reference checks to be completed by recruiting coordinators with little subject-matter expertise, using a generic set ... Read More »

Google Continues to Innovate in Recruiting and Candidate Assessment

There’s no doubt about it: Google is one of the most innovative recruiting organizations on the planet. I’ve written in the past about some of their world-class practices, but in light of recent innovations and global news interest, an update is in order. In less than nine years, Google has grown from a tiny dorm-room entity that couldn’t attract anyone ... Read More »

Competitive Advantage Recruiting: Living in a Bubble, Part 2

If you are a fierce competitor who wants to practice competitive advantage recruiting, this second part of the article will continue to discuss action steps to take to identify and then counter your competitors’ recruiting actions. Part 1 in this series introduced the initial three steps for building a competitive advantage in recruiting, which included applying counterycyclical hiring, learning to ... Read More »

Competitive Advantage Recruiting: Living in a Bubble, Part 1

Business is all about head-to-head competition. Firms regularly compete for a limited supply of customers by designing products to outstage the competition, pricing products to undercut the competition, distributing products as close as possible to the customer, and branding them to drive loyalty over time. In each competitive arena, leading companies strive to develop a competitive advantage. In the marketing ... Read More »

I Bet You Can’t Name Your Firm’s Recruiting Strategy; If Not, Pick One From This List

Basic recruiting strategies This group of strategies isn't particularly exciting or new. But these strategies do offer viable options for less-aggressive talent functions. Butts/bums in chairs: This strategy emphasizes hiring the cheapest and then releasing them when their pay-level makes them too expensive to keep or they themselves get frustrated and quit. Cost reduction is the only focus here. Hire ... Read More »