Employment Brand Names and Slogans

One of the crucial elements in building an employment brand is to develop a “theme” that sends a clear brand message to potential candidates. That theme must clearly communicate what working at your firm is all about. One of the best ways to communicate what you are all about is through the use of brand slogans and brand names. In order to be effective, slogans must be short but also compelling and impactful. Over the years I’ve proposed quite a few brand names and slogans to firms, so if you’re looking for one…here’s my list of great employment brand slogans, organized by theme. How We Manage

  1. We have the best people managers on the planet
  2. Our managers are… simply the best!
  3. Our people deserve the very best managers… and they get them
  4. We have the best managers in the world…you can count on it
  5. Tired of mediocre managers? Come join us and work with the best
  6. Because people are our most precious assets… we only let the best managers in the world lead them
  7. We actually “listen” to our employees!
  8. Our managers recruit and retain the very best…it’s what we do
  9. We put the “you” back in “team”

Your Job and Career

  1. The home of your dream job
  2. Let us “build” a job for you
  3. More than a job…it’s an adventure in innovation
  4. We are problem solvers
  5. Jump-start your career…let’s see what this baby can do
  6. We have WOW technology
  7. We celebrate innovation
  8. Exceed your potential… come join us!
  9. We will challenge you to do the best work of your life
  10. Our jobs change so fast…that you won’t need a job description
  11. Spend 100% of your time doing what you do best
  12. You do not have the right to remain silent… let us know what it takes to challenge you
  13. Stop working… to join us and “make a difference”
  14. Opportunities made real (honest!)

The Work You Will Do

  1. Come for the job… stay for the challenge
  2. You can actually invent things here
  3. Its time to do the best work of your life
  4. We are passionate about technology
  5. People “just like you” work here
  6. Build your dream job here
  7. We make work an adventure
  8. Even the rookies get to start on our team
  9. We will challenge you to “push the envelope”
  10. We actually change people’s lives
  11. Tired of working “inside the box”? Come join us
  12. We don’t buy technology… we invent it

A Learning Organization

  1. Learning at Internet speed
  2. The “learning place”
  3. The “answer place”
  4. Work on the leading edge of knowledge
  5. The first to know, the first to utilize and the first to market
  6. We are “a learning organization”

General Themes and Brand Names

  1. Simply the best place to work on the planet!
  2. “THE” benchmark organization
  3. Let us WOW you
  4. Excellence in everything we do… any questions?
  5. “Something’s happening here!”
  6. We have the most productive people in the industry.
  7. We are winning the war for talent
  8. We all are “a family”
  9. We will excite and challenge you to the point where you won’t even return a headhunter’s phone call
  10. Hold your breath… we’re just warming up
  11. We are literally defining the future
  12. If you’re the best… some day you’ll work here!
  13. You’ll be the envy of your colleagues
  14. We will rock you!

The Process Develop an overall theme for your campaign and then use several slogans to sell it. Use the slogans on your corporate website and in ads, and try to get executives to use them in their public speeches. Ask your product branding people to help you put together a campaign. It is also wise to tie in any employment slogans in with your product slogans. If you are unsure as to what slogans/names to use, put together focus groups made up of applicants to test them out.

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