Earrings for Talent…Creativity in Recruiting

If you want to succeed in the war for talent, you will find that it takes a great deal of creativity and innovation. The staid old approach won’t “cut it” in a world that expects “WOWs.” You must stand out from the crowd if you are going to get the attention of top talent. How are these summaries as examples of creativity?

  • During a discussion on how to reward employees for referrals, a female employee at Agilent Technologies asked her (female) general manager if she could have something outside the normal referrals bonus as a reward. The employee then said boldly, “I want your earrings.” The GM didn’t hesitate and said sure! The female employee shot back…how big? The GM responded… half a carat per hire. Now imagine the CFO’s response when he gets the bill!
  • For certain positions Sony (in Pittsburgh, Penn) will send flowers to an applicant so that the applicant gets them when they arrive home the same day as their telephone interview. Imagine their surprise when they get home and see the rapid response time as well as the positive caring impression it leaves. Applicants also receive a guide to living in the area and a floppy disk which allows them to complete an at home skill assessment test.
  • At Allstate Insurance applicants for agents’ jobs can do an on-site computer assessment and find out immediately if they are a good fit for the firm.
  • At the jobs website for Agilent Technologies you can describe your current “job from hell” as well as your dream job. Questions posted to the site are answered by a real person within 24 hours.
  • Cisco’s job site has a “boss button” which allows you to change the screen instantly when your boss walks into the room. The new screen shows a list of “gifts for a great boss” or an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Nortel gave offers to 38 University of Santa Clara grads without even formally interviewing them. 34 accepted and were given a chance to work on a project together as a team.
  • Cisco gives away free wine at wine festivals in order to impress and eventually attract new hires who are “passive” job seekers.
  • Charles Schwab is experimenting with giving stock options to high school hires.

Heard any other WOW innovations? Pass them long to [email protected], and I’ll publish the very best.

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