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Implementing Innovations Requires a “Future-Acting” Workforce

If your firm competes against serial innovation and top-market-cap firms like Amazon, Apple, and Google, you already know that you must match their “speed of innovation.” But you might not realize that to reach that speed, you also need “a future-acting workforce” in order to implement the new ideas generated …

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Why Workforce Planning Fails, Part 2

Last week, we took an overview of the eight catastrophic failures that have occurred in workforce planning in the past, looking at the areas where workforce planners had gotten into trouble. This week we’ll take a more detailed look at some very specific reasons why workforce plans fail. I have …

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Before You Try It, Understand Why Workforce Planning Fails

Workforce planning was one of the hottest areas within HR during the 1980s. Now it’s back on top of the hot HR issues list. Why is workforce planning a burning HR issue again? There are four basic driving factors: A shortage of talent. No one wants to go through the rapid …

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