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Remote Video Interviews – A Guide For Improving Their Accuracy

Walk me through the problem online. Credit Pixabay.

Remote video interviews are suddenly quite popular, but few realize that they have serious flaws that negatively impact the decisions made after using them. And with many recruiters now working from home, it’s critical to immediately remedy these design flaws that hurt your quality of hire. This article is a quick guide to a dozen easy remote video interview (RVI) practices and tips that can result in a significant improvement in your results.

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Remote College Recruiting — Capturing Top Students From Schools You Don’t Visit

Many exceptional students probably do not attend the schools that you visit If you assume that the best students only attend the top ranked schools, you are making a big mistake. A while back I asked a recruiter at a large well-known network firm that recruited engineers at MIT, Caltech, and the other top-ranked technology schools to identify the single …

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