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Recruiting Lessons From The Super Bowl

Recruiting lessons from the super bowl

Examining how Super Bowl teams recruit will provide corporate leaders with valuable lessons on how to improve their recruiting. The first is avoiding candidate generalizations. Yes, many of the candidate generalizations routinely made by hiring managers covering age, experience, and college backgrounds would be laughed at by NFL recruiters. For …

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The Toughest Questions In Leadership Development At Rapid Growth Firms

Many corporate leadership development efforts can only be classified as “conservative” or “old school”. Most of the existing leadership development program designs only fit the needs of well-established large corporations with relatively slow growth rates. But how would the traditional leadership development approach have to be modified to meet the …

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How do leading Vice Presidents of Human Resources get “so smart”? As the head of HR at San Francisco State University, I am privileged to get to meet the best VPs from the best Silicon Valley high tech firms. Two years ago, we began a program focused on identifying “Why do …

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