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Looking For Bold Recruiting Approaches? Best Practices For Recruiting STEM-Women and Diversity Candidates

Most valuable information that recruiting leaders seek out are known as best practices: leading-edge recruiting practices that have been implemented at less than 5 percent of major firms. Best-practice information is so valuable because although “brand new” ideas can be exciting, they are always by definition still unproven. When you are faced with limited resources, it makes business sense to …

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Are Firms ‘Kicking the Can Down The Road’ So They Can Pay STEM Women Less?

Consider the possibility that thousands of STEM women are literally missing out on billions of dollars in higher salaries as a result of the recent actions by tech firms. Everyone knows that many of the larger tech firms have recently released their employee diversity numbers. Obviously releasing this data was a positive move that resulted in an expanded discussion around the need …

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End the Shortage — Recruit STEM Women Who Are Working at Your Competitors

I almost broke out laughing when I came across an article in Fast Company magazine entitled Why You Can’t Find Women Engineers. This title reflects a common misconception among business executives about the shortage of technically qualified women at their firms. This often-repeated “shortage statement” is only partially true, and if you believe it, you will never fill your firm’s diversity recruiting targets. …

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