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Rejecting Resumes With Spelling Errors: A Silly and Costly Hiring Mistake

When you analyze the data, it becomes instantly clear that screening out resumes because of spelling and grammar issues is a costly and antiquated practice. For example, many people simply assume that any job that requires writing can’t be successfully filled by someone who is a weak speller. That doesn’t explain why writers like Hemingway, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, and Austen all …

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Need More Strategic Thinkers? Here’s How to Hire Them

What firm doesn’t need to be strategic? In fact, what could contribute more to the success of an organization in today’s fast-changing world of business than having a large cadre of strategic thinkers? As a result, CEOs would love to have as many of them as possible at all levels of the organization. And when polled, in a survey of executives, a …

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What’s Wrong With Using Resumes For Hiring? Pretty Much Everything

If you’re getting low quality hires, it’s time to realize that the blind and uneducated use of resumes may be a main contributing factor (note that earlier this year I completed a similar analysis on interviews, the second major contributor to low quality hires). Resumes are the currency of recruiting. Job sites, recruiters, and hiring managers all require them and …

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