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Getting A Raise – How Business Justifications Dramatically Improve Your Odds (The comprehensive guide for getting more money)

Yes, it pays to ask because a surprising 70% of those that asked received some form of a raise. However, only 39% got their full requested amount. It also makes sense to ensure that your argument focuses on business justifications, which are much superior to emotional arguments. Because they provide your manager with the only type of argument that can …

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Top 10 Tips for Hiring Differently Under Salary History Laws

As seen in ERE Media, January 8, 2018. Alert — New Salary History Expectations Require Changes in Your Hiring Process Typically there are a few reasons for recruiters or hiring managers to pay much attention to compensation laws. However, that disinterested approach must now change because of new salary history laws in California, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Delaware (and I predict …

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