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Does Your CEO Know You’re Rejecting Tens of Thousands Who Like Your Firm?

As seen on ERE Media, November 27, 2017. Any firm in the Fortune 200 is likely rejecting half a million applicants each and every year. But unbeknownst to most recruiting leaders, their awkward and mostly unmanaged process for notifying applicants that they have been rejected is likely causing millions of dollars in damage to your firm’s product brand. This rejection …

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Radio: Try the Most Targeted Recruiting Tool

Okay, before you instantly think, “John’s nuts!” stop and think about radio for a minute. Don’t you personally listen to it several times a day, perhaps in your car, in places where you are a “captive” audience? Some of the most under-used tools in recruiting involve the media. Nearly every major firm has used TV and radio advertising (with great …

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