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8 Ugly Numbers… That Highlight HR’s Failures

In a cartoon-style office setting, the scene blends a corporate meeting with a sinking ship. The office is gradually submerged in water, creating an aquatic environment inside. Desks, chairs, and office equipment float around, some employees swim or cling to floating objects. Papers, office supplies, and personal belongings drift in the water, creating a chaotic underwater mess. Amidst this, the central character, a leader or manager, stands on a small island of dry floor, using a flip chart or whiteboard, conducting a meeting with enthusiasm, completely oblivious to the office being underwater. The leader's expression is one of focus and enthusiasm, engrossed in their presentation, while team members are visibly distressed, coping with the sinking office. The scene is comical and surreal, emphasizing the leader's ignorance or denial of the crisis around them.

A Think Piece – Posing the question, “Is it time to take a closer look at failures in HR?” Understanding The Many Benefits Of Failure And Criticism With few exceptions, throughout my career, I found that HR professionals are positive individuals who don’t even want to talk about failure. That …

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