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Your Job Postings Aren’t Attracting Top Applicants, And A Simple Test Will Prove It

You simply can’t catch trophy fish with weak bait, and similarly, you can’t attract quality candidates with dull and ineffective job post descriptions. But most corporations simply post their descriptions without design criteria or any pretesting. This is a serious error because a simple side-by-side comparison test approach (borrowed from advertising) can reveal how weak your job post descriptions really …

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Neuroscience and Biometrics Can Dramatically Improve Your Recruitment Messaging

Use cross-pollination to bring proven tools like biometrics into recruiting You probably don’t know it, but most of your recruiting messaging and marketing goes unread, and what is viewed actually has little measurable impact on attracting prospects. If you don’t believe that this is true at your firm, realize that biometric tools (the subject of this article) can reveal precisely …

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Stop doing job descriptions – an irreverent look at job descriptions

No, everyone doesn't use Job Description (JD's). I know several hi-tech firms that don't have them and are proud of it. Now they do have "thought up on the run" one paragraph recruitment postings but, these show no measurable-- irreverent look at job descriptions--correlation to the final hiring criteria, which by "Hi-tech law" (at least in the Silicon Valley) MUST be made up during the interview process. (apologies in advance to the three-letter computer company that let me in on the "secret ") :-)

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