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Optimize for Mobile and Increase Your Hiring Speed – 6 Steps for Learning How to Recruit the Best Talent by Nicole Fallon

Written by Nicole Fallon on 2/16/16. One of the best ways to draw candidates in is a mobile-friendly hiring process. Dr. John Sullivan, a Silicon Valley-based author and HR expert, said that more than 43 percent of job seekers use their mobile phones in their job searches. “That number will continue to rise until the mobile phone is dominant in …

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One-Day Hiring Made Easy: Part II

What Is One-Day Hiring? One-day hiring is a deliberate strategy for improving both the quality and the number of hires by making hiring decisions on top candidates in one-day! Steps In One-Day Hiring One-day hiring means making a one-day decision–but not a quick and uniformed decision. The steps you need to take in order to make great and fast hiring decisions include the …

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