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Candidate Exit Interviews – Getting Feedback From Your Recruiting Customers (The #2 barrier to recruiting excellence)

The two dumbest things in recruiting are not soliciting candidate feedback and not assessing new-hire performance (a.k.a. quality of hire).  Unfortunately, most in recruiting are not even aware of the practice of “candidate exit interviews,” soliciting new hires and candidate feedback after completing each hiring process. Unfortunately, gathering exit interview information from candidates is quite rare. Even though customer/user feedback …

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The Top 40 Problems With 360-degree Employee Feedback Processes (Part 1 of 2)

This “think piece” is part of a series of articles I wrote to expand your thinking about strategic HR. 360° employee feedback surveys are one of the most common HR practices, but unfortunately that popularity may have led to a degree of complacency. Whether you design, execute, or are merely asked to fill them out periodically, you should be interested …

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