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Why Your No. 1 Recruiting Source Is Underperforming (Fully Explained)

Consistently, the top source for producing high-performing hires is an organization’s employee-referral program. Unfortunately, because most current programs were designed years ago based on a 20th-century ERP model, there is a high probability that your stale program is a prime contributing factor to your organization’s current talent and skills shortage. …

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Employee Referrals and Diversity: Legal Issue or Opportunity?

Few things set us off more than uninformed people making assumptions without facts. And our “peeve of the century” is the misconception that using employee referrals has a negative impact on diversity. Time and time again, recruiting is promoted as a leading-edge profession, yet it all too often is one …

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The Most Effective Recruiting Tool: Employee Referral Systems

What’s the best recruiting tool? Web pages, relationship recruiting? It may come as a surprise to many that the tool which brings in the highest quality of candidate for the buck is an employee referral program. The very best firms get more than 50% of their hires from employee referrals. …

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