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Remote College Recruiting — Capturing Top Students From Schools You Don’t Visit

Many exceptional students probably do not attend the schools that you visit If you assume that the best students only attend the top ranked schools, you are making a big mistake. A while back I asked a recruiter at a large well-known network firm that recruited engineers at MIT, Caltech, and the other top-ranked technology schools to identify the single …

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College Recruiting on a Shoestring Budget – ERE Community Q&A

Questions & Answers How do you make the business case to managers who believe now is not the time to be recruiting college grads/interns, etc.? What are the long-term consequences of stopping college recruiting? Any time you make a business case you need to address the concerns of your audience and sell your solutions in terms they value. Most managers …

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World-class College Recruiting Program – Characteristics of Strategic College Recruiting Systems

A checklist for assessing the quality of college recruiting programs and systems. Almost everyone in the employment field attempts to develop quality employment programs and systems. After studying hundreds of employment systems from Fortune 500 firms we have come up with a comprehensive checklist to use to assess the quality of any college recruitment system. This checklist can be used as …

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