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‘Corporate Skill Pivots’ May Signal the End of the Permanent Employees

Forget the job threats created by the march of the robots, because the new skill sets required by radical new technologies are much more likely to cause you to lose your permanent corporate job! In case you missed it, General Motors recently underwent a dramatic corporate-wide “skills pivot” that resulted in thousands of layoffs. Not because it had too many …

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Hire Like Google — Project the ‘Career Trajectory’ of Your Candidates

I frequently get asked the question “What is the one thing that recruiting functions should be systematically doing, but for some unexplained reason, it doesn’t do it?” Well, one quick answer to that question is “to project the career trajectory of potential hires.” Which simply means to assess whether a candidate, after they are hired, are likely to progress and …

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Hiring for This Job and Their Next Job

Hiring for a current need is actually pretty simple. The hiring manager defines some specific skills they need, recruiters then discount that profile by 30%, and then begins the process of sourcing, assessing, selecting, and closing an offer to an individual with the current skills and competencies. Historically, most organizations have focused on hiring individuals based solely on current need …

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