January 16 , 2019

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How to Get Reluctant Hiring Managers Focused on Hiring

As seen on recruitingtrends, November 20, 2017. The No. 1 struggle of recruiters around the world is getting hiring managers to prioritize, and to spend more time on, recruiting. This almost universal willingness of hiring managers to put off important recruiting tasks, of course, makes no logical sense. After all, it’s the hiring manager who suffers the most when their …

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The Definitive Article On Developing A Business Case – A Checklist Of “Power Factors” To Include

Even though the Conference Board found that Human Capital is still the #1 global challenge facing CEO’s, you still hear the universal complaint from recruiting leaders that they are underfunded and simply don’t have the budget to do bold and exciting things in recruiting. I find that this lack of funding isn’t because recruiting doesn’t have a high impact, clearly …

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Strategic HR Metrics for a Global Organization

Why Utilize Metrics? While researching my book "HR Metrics, The World-Class Way," I found that many HR professionals realized a need for more metrics, but lacked the vision to create them. They didn’t have criteria for where to apply metrics or a methodology to figure out which activities it even made sense to measure. This need was a hot topic …

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Focusing on Cost Containment is Less Strategic than Driving Revenue Growth For the past decade the human resource function has operated under the myopic focus that process efficiency was the most critical deliverable in the enterprise.  While this misguided focus can be partially attributed to external pressure from the finance function and the budgeting process, such pressure can in most …

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Making a Business Case in HR: An Illustrated Example

The following is an actual example illustrating how to successfully make a business case in HR. It follows the format outlined in Parts One and Two of this article series. Space limitations prevent me from going into too much detail, but this outline should give you some idea of the basic approach taken in this example. Making the Case A …

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Steps in Making the Business Case for HR Programs

Human resources functions have always undergone intense scrutiny by executives and financial officers. But lately, HR programs have come under siege by the “cost cutters” in particular. If human resources professionals are to survive and prosper, it is essential that they refocus their efforts on building the business case for investing in human capital programs. Following up on last week’s article, …

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