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Covid Lesson – Stop Rejecting Job Jumpers And Those With Employment Gaps

A major talent shortage cause is rejecting those with unavoidable employment gaps. Instead, sidestep this “work history flaw.” Historically, even fully qualified applicants with significant employment gaps were rejected. It was assumed that having employment gaps (i.e., not getting another job quickly) meant something was seriously wrong with the candidate. Similarly, “job jumpers” that changed jobs too frequently were assumed …

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Improve Your Hiring Results… Tweak Your Resume Screening Process, So It’s More Objective

Make screening applicants better

Not getting great hires? Look no further than letting your recruiters/managers develop their own whimsical resume screening process. In many cases, these unstructured and undocumented resume screening processes produce the most damage to your hiring results of any screening step. That resulting hiring damage is so severe because there are no “do-overs” in resume screening. Once an applicant is rejected, …

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Quality of Hire: What To Measure and When To Measure It

In Part 1 of this article series, we looked at the many reasons why your organization should measure the quality of its hires. Here in Part 2 we’ll take it a step further and get into the details of what to measure and when to measure it. Quality Of Hire: What To Measure There are a variety of approaches to measuring the …

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