04/27-29/2015 ERE Recruiting Conference

When: April 27-29 2015

Where: San Diego, CA

I will have the great pleasure of speaking at the conference on:

Strategic My A**… This Is What Strategic Recruiting Really Looks Like

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
11:00 am – 12:00 pm

“We have to be more strategic” is the most frequently used phrase in recruiting and talent management. Unfortunately, declaring yourself to be strategic doesn’t sway executives. Most recruiting leaders who use that phrase really have only a general idea of exactly what being strategic really means. For example, if you think reducing your “cost per hire” by two percent is strategic, you need to face the reality that you have to measurably impact strategic business goals (like revenue or innovation) to be strategic. There are in fact only a few strategic corporate recruiting functions, and they think and act completely differently than the average tactical recruiting function. There are many benefits associated with being a truly strategic function, including executive recognition, more funding, having hiring managers listen to you, and the ability to attract the very best recruiting staff.

If you’re serious about becoming more strategic, this session will provide a list of the true indicators of a strategic recruiting function. And it will also show you how you can objectively assess your current level of strategicness on each factor and the realistic action steps to take in order to become more strategic.

You’ll leave knowing:
  • The many benefits associated with being strategic
  • A definition of what is, and what is not strategic in recruiting
  • How to do a quick assessment as to whether your function is strategic
  • The most strategic corporate recruiting strategies to choose from
  • Action steps and results in recruiting that almost always qualify as strategic
  • How to assess whether an individual recruiting program is strategic
  • The benchmark strategic corporate recruiting functions that any leader can learn from


About the Conference

Bold and Forward Thinking for Talent Acquisition Leaders

Prepare to step out of your comfort zone and approach talent acquisition like you never have before. For two days in San Diego this spring, you’ll join hundreds of your in-house talent acquisition leader peers to take a “Bold Approach to Talent Acquisition Management & Leadership.”

Why Should You Come?

Let’s be honest, your time is at a premium. We know that, so we’ve developed a program that understands what you need to accomplish at a conference to make it worth your investment of time. Here are five-and-a-half convincing reasons to come.

Five-and-a-Half Reasons to Attend:

  • FIRST: Our entire agenda is build with YOU in mind—a talent acquisition leader who runs a department, manages a team, controls a budget, or has responsibility for talent acquisition in your organization.
  • SECOND: Our sessions are laser focused on topics specific to your needs.
  • THIRD: Our think tanks give you the opportunity to participate in a small group of your peers and think together through challenges and opportunities facing your field.
  • FOURTH: Like TED Talks, our 20 minute TAD talks will expose you to new ideas that will forever change the way you approach how you manage your day and your dollars.
  • FIFTH: Our BIG game night is only the first of many chances to enjoy time with your peers, personally connect with the best in the business, and build a network of your peers that you will be calling on long after you leave San Diego.
  • FIVE-and-a-half: 72 degrees in April, view of the harbor, and hundred of talent acquisition leaders. . . ‘Nuff said!

So check out everything there is to offer in San Diego on the agenda and speaker pages, and reserve your spot today.

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About Dr John Sullivan

Dr John Sullivan is an internationally known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley who specializes in providing bold and high business impact; strategic Talent Management solutions to large corporations.

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