May 20 , 2019

Strategic HR

Why VPs of HR Never Become CEO’s

WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME A GREAT CEO (OR VP OF HR)! There are literally hundreds of books written by and about CEO's. Each has a similar list of “their” required competencies for success. However when you compare the behaviors and the competencies that it takes to become a successful CEO with the behaviors actually exhibited by current VPs of …

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Firms Need A Dramatic Increase In Productivity… And Now Is The Time For HR To Accept Responsibility

Productivity Defined The term productivity means different things to different people. To an economist, it is a relatively dry economic term that compares the output of entire countries relative to each dollar invested. However, for the purpose if this article productivity will be defined as a measure of efficiency with regards to the use of human resources within a firm. …

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Did HR Cause The Downfall of Enron?*

I’m still not buying into HR taking responsibility! Now before you dismiss this notion take a step back and think. Did Enron fail because of bad equipment, actions by the competitors or a collapse in the financial markets or the economy? The answer, of course, is no. Did the collapse come from: A one time slip in judgment A few …

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Being Strategic Means Taking Ownership And Being Accountable Almost by definition, strategic people assume responsibility for getting things done and for producing results.  For example, CFO's assume responsibility for financial systems, CIO’s for information and computing systems and the head of retail operations for producing retail sales results.  Individuals in HR claim that they are "strategic partners" but for some …

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