Kathleen wraps up her conversation with Dr. John Sullivan, the globally known HR thought-leader who has been dubbed the “Michael Jordan of Hiring.” In part two, John shares why he’s not a big fan of resumes, what recruiters can look for to determine a candidate’s loyalty and resilience, and how long he expects the current talent shortage to last.

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[Podcast] Human Resources Challenges in a World with COVID-19

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6dS2AlIfUViLTZfADSgGcZ Dr. John Sullivan was interviewed by Marc Raco for Strategy Update: COVID-19 Business Playbook. If trying to keep the doors to a business open isn’t challenging enough, especially when you don’t know how long you have to do it for, diligent consideration of the productivity, safety, care, morale, and …

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[Podcast] Furlough Fight

Furlough Fight On New Year's Eve, a California judge blocked furloughs for tens of thousands of state workers, saying that Governor Schwarzenegger abused his discretion with the furlough plan. We look at how the increased prevalence of worker furloughs in California is impacting workers and employers in the both public and private sectors.

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