[Webinar] Revealing The Most Innovative Recruiting Strategies That Are Used By Leading Firms

Almost all organizations these days are struggling to recruit top talent. But most fail to realize that the primary reason why they’re coming up short is that they are using outdated recruiting strategies and approaches. Yes, it’s time to realize that if it has been several years since you have invested heavily in a significant upgrade of your recruiting approach, you face the risk of becoming totally non-competitive. That is because the talent marketplace, the job search process and the availability of top talent have all changed dramatically, and to put it bluntly, last year’s recruiting strategies will become increasingly less ineffective. So even if you’re only trying to maintain your current recruiting success level, it is essential that you immediately identify and adopt new and innovative recruiting strategies.

However, rather than starting from scratch, and having to go through the painful process of “trial and error learning” in recruiting, smart recruiting executives realize that a superior approach is rely on best practice benchmarking. Where you identify the best recruiting strategies that have already proven to be successful at leading firms. Once you know about these evolving innovative strategies, you can then pick and choose and then adapt the solutions so that they fit your firm and your culture. Fortunately industry thought leader Dr. John Sullivan has over the last decade been compiling a list of these innovative “leading-edge” recruiting strategies and he has agreed to share them during this exciting and interactive webinar. And even if you can’t implement more than a few, it’s still your professional obligation to know the boldest and the most advanced recruiting approaches that are in use today.

Some of the exciting topics that will be covered during this best practice webinar include:

– Who are the benchmark firms with the most innovative and leading-edge recruiting practices that you can learn from?
– How can you determine which of your current recruiting strategies/approaches are working and not working?
– What are the emerging innovative recruiting strategies that are already being used by the most successful firms and why do they work?
– What are the trends and next practices that we can expect to see emerging over the next 18 months?

About Dr John Sullivan

Dr John Sullivan is an internationally known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley who specializes in providing bold and high business impact; strategic Talent Management solutions to large corporations.

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