[Webinar] [SLIDES] 10+ powerful ways that HR can WOW a CEO by producing unambiguous business impacts

10+ Powerful ways that HR can WOW a CEO by producing unambiguous business impacts.

9/22/2016 TLNT Webinar

Slides and Video are enclosed at the bottom.

If you really want HR to become a corporate hero, there is no quicker or more impactful way than to impress your CEO. Now you may be thinking that it’s not possible for HR or any other overhead function to WOW and impress a CEO, but you would be wrong. It’s a fact that other previously underappreciated functions like supply chain, finance and IT have all successfully made the transition to become “CEO heroes.”
It turns out that the first step is to increase the CEO’s expectations of what you do. This is especially important in HR, because over the years most CEOs have come to expect only tactical results from HR, like avoiding lawsuits and providing basic employee services. But it turns out that CEOs don’t really care about tactical issues — instead, their primary focus is on their strategic goals, their bonus formula and improving business results. So you need to teach your CEO to expect, or even demand that HR have a direct measurable impact on each of the major corporate strategic goals. This might sound impossible at first, but there are plenty of examples where corporate HR functions have directly impacted strategic goals like product sales, revenue, product development, production and innovation.

In this exciting and interactive webinar led by HR thought leader Dr John Sullivan attendees will learn the top 10 most powerful ways that HR can literally WOW their firm’s CEO. Some examples of those actions that will likely impress your CEO include:

  • How by utilizing a targeted HR recruiting and retention effort, you can dramatically increase corporate revenues.
  • How targeted HR actions can directly increase the productivity of the company’s workforce.
  • How increasing diversity in customer impact positions can increase sales and problem solving.
  • How targeted hiring can actually increase organizational speed, adaptability and learning ability.
  • How office design features by themselves can increase collaboration, innovation and decision-making speed.
  • How HR can improve its external visibility by having its business impacts highlighted in the annual report, in shareholder meetings and during analyst calls.
  • How more effective onboarding can increase new-hire productivity by 25%.
  • The webinar will also cover more than a dozen benchmark corporate best practices that have produced business results that would directly impress even a cynical CEO.

Register now for this free webinar on Thursday, September 22 and become your company’s next corporate hero!

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About Dr John Sullivan

Dr John Sullivan is an internationally known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley who specializes in providing bold and high business impact; strategic Talent Management solutions to large corporations.

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