October 17 , 2017

Strategic HR

Forecasting “Headcount Fat” in Order to Avoid Large Scale Layoffs

Why it's essential to avoid layoffs Laying off thousands of workers is not only embarrassing, it's also expensive. Because the company has invested thousands of dollars in recruiting and training these employees, it makes no sense to release them in large numbers. The negative publicity related to the lay off hurts the firm's image among potential customers and investors and ... Read More »


Summary Of The 10 Basic HR Strategies The 10 basic HR strategies or models are: Personnel Generalist Business Partner Call Center Outsourced Centers Of Excellence Self-Service Fact-Based Decision-Making e-HR Performance Culture Strategy Models Defined 1. Personnel Model Priority And Focus: Low costs, basic transactions and legal compliance.     Description: The traditional approach to HR and the most common strategy. ... Read More »


Identifying Which Corporate Strategic Goals And Objectives To Impact As you can see from each of the above definitions, strategic actions are designed to impact corporate goals and objectives. Before HR can increase its strategic impact it must first determine what goals the organization considers strategic. At some companies identifying the top corporate objectives is relatively easy while at others, ... Read More »

The New “DNA” of HR

WHAT DOES THE NEW DNA LOOK LIKE?  What is the first step?  We need to turn HR people into business leaders (rather than “partners”) who are not satisfied just to be invite to business meetings.  What VP’s of HR who hope to be CEO’s will need is a new, much more aggressive approach to HR.  This new approach focuses on ... Read More »

Learning A Lesson Or Two From Competitive Sports

SAME SITUATION BUT DIFFERENT RESULTS – AN EXAMPLE Let’s start with a basketball analogy to stimulate your thinking. First compare two teams that play in the same league and in the same city. The L.A. Lakers and the L.A. Clippers.   If you compare the two teams you will find that both are exactly the same in that they: ·        ... Read More »

Knocking Down HR Silos

Functional silos cause nothing but frustration for customers of HR services including managers and employees.  In many cases they create situations whereby our customers can only get a complete response to their issue by: ·        Searching (or shopping) for the person with access to the information or answer they need ·        Self managing and coordinating the disconnected services that we ... Read More »

Marketing HR to Your CEO

They Care About What Is Measured And Rewarded CEO’s are always impressed by people that understand what is important to them. And in all cases I’ve ever run across, what is important to them in business is reflected in their evaluation and bonus criteria. Yes of course everyone is influenced by what is measured and rewarded but the additional factor ... Read More »

Why VPs of HR Never Become CEO’s

WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME A GREAT CEO (OR VP OF HR)! There are literally hundreds of books written by and about CEO's. Each has a similar list of “their” required competencies for success. However when you compare the behaviors and the competencies that it takes to become a successful CEO with the behaviors actually exhibited by current VPs of ... Read More »

Firms Need A Dramatic Increase In Productivity… And Now Is The Time For HR To Accept Responsibility

Productivity Defined The term productivity means different things to different people. To an economist, it is a relatively dry economic term that compares the output of entire countries relative to each dollar invested. However, for the purpose if this article productivity will be defined as a measure of efficiency with regards to the use of human resources within a firm. ... Read More »

Did HR Cause The Downfall of Enron?*

I’m still not buying into HR taking responsibility! Now before you dismiss this notion take a step back and think. Did Enron fail because of bad equipment, actions by the competitors or a collapse in the financial markets or the economy? The answer, of course, is no. Did the collapse come from: A one time slip in judgment A few ... Read More »