May 24 , 2018

College Recruiting

Building Relationships With Professors To Gain A Recruiting Edge (Part 1 of 2)

Today, if you want to identify, build your brand, and “pre-sell” the best students on employment opportunities with your organization, you need to go beyond the career center and build relationships with the faculty who know and have the ability to influence the decisions of college students.   The most common reason that college recruiting programs fail to attract the ... Read More »

Internships: Recruiting the Very Best College Interns

13 Ways to Identify the Best Interns If you can’t find the best students for your internship slots, obviously the other elements of your internship program will make little difference. Some of the most effective approaches for identifying top-quality interns include: Grad assistants know the best. Because grad assistants are involved both in teaching classes and in research, they have ... Read More »

Remote College Recruiting, Part 2 of a 2-Part Series

In part one of this series I highlighted the many reasons why you should include remote college recruiting as part of your college hiring strategy. In part two, I will highlight action steps, tools, and approaches that you can use to identify and sell top college students remotely. Tools for Virtual College Recruiting (Identifying and Selling)   Finding people remotely ... Read More »

Remote College Recruiting, Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

As recruiting continues to become more difficult, more and more companies are looking to reinvigorate their college recruiting programs and concentrate a greater percentage of external hiring efforts on entry-level professionals. If you are preparing to go that route, I suggest you look at some of the new approaches that comprise “remote” college recruiting. Many of these approaches produce three-times ... Read More »

College Recruiting: It’s Time To Revamp Your Program and Strategy

Start long before the rest of the pack, when your target customer base least expects you to approach them. Be persistent and consistent about building a relationship with the target, without being pushy. Don't attempt to build your own channel to the target, but rather rely on trusted channels that already exist. Offer value to the target with every contact. ... Read More »

The Best College Hires Graduated Two Years Ago

If you need immediate help on a project, don’t hire a recent college grad. Instead, “poach” a college grad from two years ago that a competitor has trained and developed at their expense. “Two-years-out” grads are more focused, mature, and immediately productive! Most managers know that recent college hires almost always require a good deal of training and “breaking in” ... Read More »

Questions From Hell: Developing/Assessing a College Recruiting Program

If you are going to start (or improve) a college recruiting program, it’s essential that you look at what most firms do with a cynical eye. Almost all college programs follow a cookie-cutter approach. They are run on emotion and tradition. Few, if any, have any hard evidence that they produce quality hires. I’ve advised numerous firms and I’ve yet ... Read More »

Innovative Strategies for Identifying/Finding the Best College Students

Holding interviews at a career center might get you a lot of students, but probably not the best ones you need to attract. Finding the very best students is actually quite easy if you use a focused strategy. Here are some advanced strategies that are guaranteed to help you identify the cream of the crop: Hire “on campus” representatives (students ... Read More »

Developing A World Class College Recruiting Program

Have a shortage of talent? Why not reinvent college recruiting and make it a prime recruiting source? Unfortunately most college recruiting programs were developed in the 1950′s – long before the age of technology. Universities and students have changed dramatically in the last few years, but most college recruiting programs still focus on “going to career centers and career fairs.” ... Read More »