March 22 , 2018

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The End of Sourcing is Near… the Remaining Recruiting Challenge is Selling

With the growth of the Internet, social media and employee referral programs, “finding talent” is becoming amazingly easy. In recruiting, we call finding talent “sourcing” and for nearly 3 decades sourcing has been the most important but difficult aspect of recruiting. After all, if you can’t “find” great talent, you certainly can’t interview and hire them. But finding top talent ... Read More »

2010 Talent Acquisition Trends Webinar: Q & A on Recommended Action Steps

Prepare action step outlines — it’s not necessary to complete a detailed written plan for every possibility, but you should prepare an action outline highlighting the key steps that you would take for the most likely upcoming events. Develop these steps using if-then scenarios (i.e. if this happens, then we will take these actions or steps). Prioritize jobs — because ... Read More »

Implementing an Agile Talent Management Strategy: The Perfect Model for a Crazy Economy (Part 2 of 2)

Last week I introduced this series by talking about how general business changes have rendered what many might consider traditional strategy development in talent management more of a hindrance to organizations than a benefit. I did not say that strategy is not important, or that delivering a strategic impact is not important, but rather implied that how most organizations are ... Read More »

The Many Benefits of Social Network Recruiting: Making a Compelling Business Case

Business Case Step #1: Identify the Potential Benefits of Social Network Recruiting Provide targeted executives with a list of potential benefits and then simply have them select the ones that (if proven) would be compelling enough to positively influence their decision. Have them eliminate benefits that, whether true or not, wouldn’t influence their decision. With that guidance in hand, design ... Read More »

Narrowcast Sourcing for Specific Skills and Attributes

What's the Difference? Sourcing activities, like any form of activity, can easily be grouped into categories that define scope, applicability/relevance, cost, cycle time, or any other distinguishing attribute. Narrowcasting is one such category that relates to scope of target audience addressed by the activity. It is positioned between broadcasting and microcasting. Broadcast Sourcing Broadcast sourcing activities are those that focus ... Read More »