Stay Interviews and Other Powerful Retention Tools by Dr. John Sullivan

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Managers know that retaining top performers is the single most important thing they do. Losing a single high performer can cost millions, but fortunately, 77% of turnover is preventable. One of the most powerful retention tools available is the “stay interview.” Not only is it inexpensive and easy to implement, but conducting a stay interview with your top performers is one of the highest ROI activities that ANY manager can utilize.

This book contains details on how to implement Stay Interviews and a handful of other Powerful Retention Tools, each one has been proven effective in keeping top performers.

You’ll learn:

  • Why stay interviews really work, and what makes them superior to other retention tools.
  • How to get managers to buy in and utilize stay interviews.
  • Common problems to avoid.
  • Key action steps to make stay interviews part of your ongoing retention process.
  • How to calculate the impact of implementing stay interviews.
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About Dr John Sullivan

Dr John Sullivan is an internationally known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley who specializes in providing bold and high business impact; strategic Talent Management solutions to large corporations.

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