October 15 , 2018

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Why Not Start the New Year by Doing Something Strategic in Talent Management?

  The Top 15 Potential Strategic Actions to Consider in Talent Management If you’ve decided to stop fighting fires and to do something major with a strategic impact, here is a list of possible programs and actions that you should consider. Increase the productivity of your workforce – workforce productivity is merely comparing the output of your entire workforce (the …

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The Business Case for Hiring College Grads — 32 Reasons They Can Produce a High ROI

  The Business Benefits of Hiring Recent College Grads The benefits are split into two categories 1) benefits to individual hiring managers and 2) benefits that may accrue to the entire firm over time. Note that the possible outcomes listed here are based partially on generalizations that cover many but not all top college hires. Shorter-term Benefits of Hiring College …

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i4cp Presentation Download

Impactful Things HR Should Be Doing, But Often Doesn’t   Presentation Time: Wednesday, March 16th – 1:30 – 2:40pm Title: Impactful Things HR Should Be Doing, But Often Doesn’t Location: Alhambra Ballroom (see attached map of the resort) Book Signing: Wednesday, March 16th immediately following your presentation at 2:40pm, in the Alhambra Foyer Presentation Sumary: The world around you has …

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Evaluating HR Through a CEO’s Eyes

Most HR measurements miss the boat! Many HR departments say they are a “business partner,” but few can provide any real evidence that they are having a strategic business impact. After years of studying CEO expectations of HR I’ve compiled a list of the kind of questions CEO’s might want answered about how their “human resources” give them a measurable …

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The Future of HR From a Shareholders Perspective (Part 4 of 6)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three “Shareholder Aligned” Performance Culture Principles (Continued) If you missed the first part of this list, check out part three of this series. Build a competitive advantage – to establish industry dominance through talent, every talent practice must be periodically benchmarked against the practices of known and developing talent competitors and upgraded to …

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A Checklist for Predicting Corporate Disasters — Is Your Firm the Next BP?

Do People-Management Factors Cause Failures? In recent years, numerous scandals and disasters have demonstrated the far-reaching impact of corporate policy, and more importantly corporate practice. While firms like Enron, Bear Stearns, and “systems” best practice icon Toyota had well-documented processes, policies, and procedures, they also all engaged in management practices that led people to make bad decisions that ultimately cost …

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“The Future of HR” From a Shareholders Perspective (Part 1 of 6)

Looking forward, standing still, or stuck in the past?

Most pundits that forecast the future of the human resource function do so from a narrow perspective that assumes the future offers little more than an evolution of the past or present.  The forecasts fail to consider how radically different the profession might be if we threw out all that we do today and started with a blank slate, or …

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India Surpasses the U.S. in Global Recruiting Leadership

The Hotbeds of Evolution and Innovation are Shifting No one can argue that rapid growth of the technology sector in 1997 left many technology companies desperate for talent, and that desperation drove many charged with recruiting for such organizations to both collaborate and innovate new practices to help close gaps in supply and demand. While not cheap, importing labor and …

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The Expanding Role of Recruiters in Strategic Talent Management

Presentation Date:  April 8, 2010 Producer:  TriState SHRM (www.tristateshrm.com) Event Type:  Conference Session Description: When the housing bubble burst and financial institutions around the globe started wavering, many in the recruiting profession felt that it was only a matter of time before throngs of recruiters were laid off as organizations attempting to weather the economic downturn shed every cost possible. …

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