June 23 , 2018

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Implementing an Agile Talent Management Strategy: The Perfect Model for a Crazy Economy (Part 2 of 2)

Last week I introduced this series by talking about how general business changes have rendered what many might consider traditional strategy development in talent management more of a hindrance to organizations than a benefit. I did not say that strategy is not important, or that delivering a strategic impact is not important, but rather implied that how most organizations are …

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A Christmas Thank You for the Under-Appreciated Recruiter

A “thank you note” from a grateful new hire… I just wanted you to know that you are my hero! The Christmas season is an ideal time for me as a new employee to say thanks to the people who helped me get this new job in this competitive job market. Specifically, I want to thank you, “my recruiter” for: …

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A Think Piece: Why Is Recruiting So Low on the Corporate Power Scale?

Thought-provoking question #1 — Is it true that on the corporate “power scale,” recruiting falls well below where it deserves to be? My basic premise is that when it comes to power and recognition, the recruiting function should be one of the most important business functions, ranked right up there in importance with finance, product development, and sales, but for …

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Emerging Talent Acquisition Trends for 2010: Are You Ready For a Roller Coaster? (Part I of III)

Top 2010 Recruiting Highlights A year from now, if you were to look back and analyze the headlines of recruiting articles, blogs, and consulting guidance, I predict the following topics will dominate the content collective: Churn: Just as seen in 2009, 2010 will be a year in which organizations both grow and contract simultaneously. Business leaders will become more adept …

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The Many Benefits of Social Network Recruiting: Making a Compelling Business Case

Business Case Step #1: Identify the Potential Benefits of Social Network Recruiting Provide targeted executives with a list of potential benefits and then simply have them select the ones that (if proven) would be compelling enough to positively influence their decision. Have them eliminate benefits that, whether true or not, wouldn’t influence their decision. With that guidance in hand, design …

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Five Ugly Numbers That You Can’t Ignore – It’s Time to Calculate Hiring Failures

It’s Time to Face the Numbers and Facts… Almost any senior executive would be alarmed upon learning that users were dissatisfied, failure rates approached 50%, and a significant percentage of your customers regretted their decisions. Obviously, if the numbers listed above came from an important profit-impact function (supply chain, finance, customer satisfaction), everyone would be screaming for a complete rethinking …

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