August 17 , 2018

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HR’s Dirty Little Secret: Nobody Is Reading Resumes

Now through the end of the year, ERE will be re-running some of the most popular articles from 2003. This article was originally published on June 2, 2003. Happy holidays! Many major firms have experienced layoffs or implemented hiring freezes, and unemployment rates have crept higher and higher. Everywhere you go it seems like everyone is looking for a job. As …

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Checklist for Assessing a Director of Recruiting

With the economy turning around, it seems as though almost every major firms is beginning a search for a new director of recruitment or employment. But as a former chief talent officer, and as someone who advises firms on how to select the very best, I have found that most selection committees totally miss the boat when they screen and …

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How Many “Turkeys” Do You Hire? Part 2

In the Part 1 of this article series, I described the high failure rate of most new-hire processes and provided some basic tips on how to improve the assessment process during the interview. In Part 2, I will highlight some more advanced approaches that managers and recruiters can use to improve the overall recruiting and selection process and reduce the number of …

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How Many “Turkeys” Do You Hire?

No process that involves humans produces perfect results. Even hospitals, with all the quality control systems they implement, still have a measurable failure rate. So it’s no surprise that the traditional selection process that most managers use for selecting and assessing which candidates to hire is no exception. What is startling is that, although the interview and screening process has …

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Change Your Recruiting Metric From Time to Fill to Need Date

As the earliest proponent of speed of hire, I am pleased that so many managers and recruiters have come to the realization that reducing the time that it takes to hire someone is critical if you want to 1) get currently employed top performers and 2) minimize the “damages” that an open position can have on productivity. At the same …

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Holy Toledo, the Pre-Boom Has Begun! Are You Ready for a Hell of a Ride?

I am certainly no eternal optimist about the economy. But I did undergo a great deal of education in economics prior to receiving my Ph.D. This education taught me a great deal about the economic phenomenon called “precursors” or “leading indicators” that alert you to other impending economic events on the near-term horizon. Leading indicators exist for almost every form …

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words: No Wonder Turnover Is About To Skyrocket!

Several articles of late have mentioned how analysts and thought leaders are predicting that, as the economy in the Untied States begins to recover at an increased pace, voluntary turnover among many U.S. corporations will skyrocket. Some analysts are predicting involuntary turnover rates as low as 20%, while others peg the amount of pent-up turnover somewhere near the 45% mark. …

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The Status of Metrics: A Look at Top Issues Facing Retail Organizations

During a recent best practices conference covering the restaurant industry, I was given the opportunity to sit down with the leadership of some of America’s largest restaurant chains to discuss their top issues with regards to using metrics for talent management. What follows is an overview of some of the issues that were discussed and tips that emerged. While this …

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The Recruiter’s Scorecard: Assessing the Effectiveness of Individual Recruiters

Whether you are a recruiting manager who is responsible for assessing your recruiters or just an individual recruiter who’s interested in how well you are doing, you need a scorecard before you can accurately assess effectiveness. Unfortunately, I have found through my work with corporations that over 90% make little or no attempt to assess individual recruiter effectiveness. The reason …

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