November 19 , 2018

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The Top 10 Strategic Talent Areas … Where Most Firms Do Nothing

There’s no better way to start out a new year than to take one or more strategic actions. On the surface, selecting a new strategic area may seem to be difficult because at established firms, it would seem as though all of the important talent management areas would have already been addressed (i.e. with a full-time leader, a written plan, …

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Understanding The Value Of Winning Functional Excellence Awards

The very best strategic Recruiting and Talent Management leaders are continually looking for ways to improve their results, their credibility and their business impacts. I have found that one of the most powerful tools for reaching those goals and for developing an excellent function is to apply for and win functional awards. Some mistakenly think that applying for awards is …

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Acqui-hiring – A powerful recruiting strategy that you’ve never heard of

The war for technical talent is so intense that a handful of firms like Google, Facebook, Cisco, Apple, Twitter and Zynga have shifted to a powerful but rare recruiting sub-strategy known as acqui-hiring. It involves established firms acquiring startup firms not for their products (only Facebook admits it) but instead primarily to capture an entire team of talented engineers and …

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Adopt a “Whole Career” Strategic Hiring Model

If you are a recruiting leader, I would like to introduce you to a concept that many are not familiar with, which is “whole career employment.” The premise of this hiring and workforce planning model is that instead of the traditional expectation that employees will work at a firm continuously from their hire date until they retire, leaders need to …

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4 Talent Management and Big Data Lessons from the Presidential Election

Whether you follow politics or not, there are many important lessons that leaders in talent management and HR can learn from the recent presidential election. Before you dismiss the relevance of this learning opportunity out of hand, spend a few minutes to consider the following lessons from the election that may be valuable to leaders in HR and talent management. …

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Next Year’s Recruiting Headlines, Trends, and Next Practices

  A List of the Top 20 Recruiting Headlines That You Can Expect to Read Next Year I have broken the recruiting headlines and “next practices” into seven different categories (A-G). A. Next Year’s Technology-Related Headlines At leading-edge firms, you will see the following trends emerge. Print Friendly

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Why “Name-only” Employee Referrals Produce Dramatic Results

Why Requiring a Resume Creates a Roadblock The primary goal of the “name-only” referral process is to increase the volume of high-quality referrals from employed prospects who are not active job seekers. That goal is achieved by minimizing any roadblocks that inhibit referrals. It specifically eliminates a major delaying factor, which is the need to have a resume to start …

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Talent Strategies for a Turbulent VUCA World — Shifting to an Adaptive Approach

It’s not the big that eat the small. It’s the fast that eat the slow! –-Author Jason Jennings If the rate of change inside your firm is slower than the rate of change occurring outside your firm, your end is in sight. –-Jack Welch’s philosophy Even the most optimistic business leaders have begun to realize that the incredible business turbulence …

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