December 15 , 2017


Leveraging a Position Prioritization Methodology to Deliver Truly Strategic HR

The Solution: Differentiated Approaches Based on Position Prioritization Position prioritization is not a new concept, but it is not one well known and practiced either.  Organizations that have adopted prioritization methodologies have been heralded by their corporate leaders and the board as being truly strategic, but getting the methodologies implemented rarely makes anyone a hero.  The concept behind position prioritization ... Read More »

The Current State of Ill Preparedness in HR

We have all experienced irrational thinking and are all guilty of doing it from time to time, but as we prepare to move into a new year there is no greater threat facing global companies than irrational thinking in the HR function.  Like many of you, we tend to contemplate about all that has happened this past year as the ... Read More »

Understanding the Changing Economics of the Talent Marketplace

CHANGES IN THE BUSINESS WORLD THAT IMPACT TALENT NEEDS There have been several changes in the business environment in the last few years that fundamentally altered the way in which firms compete. In fact, what has happened is that "change" itself has changed. Today the business environment is changing faster and more frequently than ever before in the history of ... Read More »

Measuring Quality of Hire –The Ultimate Recruiting Metric

Why You Should Read This Regardless of what industry or industries your firm participates in, chances are your senior leadership is paying more attention than ever before to the impact talent has on productivity.  The increased scrutiny this visibility brings to the staffing function requires that staffing professionals and managers alike be able to demonstrate that they relied on sound ... Read More »

Strategic HR Metrics for a Global Organization

Why Utilize Metrics? While researching my book "HR Metrics, The World-Class Way," I found that many HR professionals realized a need for more metrics, but lacked the vision to create them. They didn’t have criteria for where to apply metrics or a methodology to figure out which activities it even made sense to measure. This need was a hot topic ... Read More »

How Your Corporate Culture Could Keep You in the Stone Age

What Exactly Is A “Corporate Culture?” All organizations have a corporate culture, just as all organizations have an employment brand.  What differs is the degree to which someone’s notion of corporate culture is documented and protected.  You tend to hear more often about corporate culture in organizations with a long history or stellar rise to fame such as IBM or ... Read More »

HR Must Assume the Role of the “What Works” Best Practice Sharing Process

But Aren't Best Practices Shared Already? I had often suspected that within large corporations best practices in people management were not being shared throughout the organization, a suspicion that was later proven time and time again through my advisory work in the area of employment branding.  While working with such organizations as Agilent, Starbucks, Wegmans Food Markets, MGM Grand and ... Read More »

Drop the “Old Think”

What Is "Old Think" In HR? "Old think" is a form of thinking dominated by the capstone view of HR as an overhead function with no direct impact on productivity and profits.  It focuses on preserving antiquated processes, reporting about what has already happened, administering benefits few employees use and other non-strategic processes.  In “old think” HR departments each HR ... Read More »

Financial “Undercounting” in HR…What you Don’t Count Is Hurting You!

STOP COUNTING ONLY HALF OF THE REAL COSTS When times are tight, everyone is encouraged to reduce their budget, and budget cutting is not necessarily a bad thing.  Unfortunately, it can cause serious damage to an organization if the cuts reduce spending too far in one area and not enough in others. In the cases where HR budgets have been ... Read More »