May 24 , 2018

Workforce Planning

Strengthening Your Leadership Bench with External Succession Planning

Lack of Leadership Bench Strength: A Growing Problem As the second phase of the War for Talent slowly builds momentum, more and more firms are going to experience havoc directly related to the absence of leadership bench strength. The problems that have crippled smaller firms historically will establish a footing in every major enterprise, as the competition for management and ... Read More »

Strengthening Your Leadership Bench with External Succession Planning, Part 2

Beyond this commitment, what follows are the major steps: 1. Make the business case for external succession planning. The first step is to present arguments to your senior leadership about the need for including external talent and development opportunities in your succession plan. Generally that means documenting current development problems/shortages, and putting an estimated dollar cost to each. This business ... Read More »

Talent Management Road Kill

Patience Is Waning Senior leaders thoroughly understand that building an organization or changing one takes vision, planning, patience, and flawless execution. To that point, they have given HR five years. All indicators are that HR has yet to change or plan to change anything, and that the patience of senior leaders is wearing thin. Around the globe, corporate leaders — and ... Read More »

Talent Management Road Kill, Part 2

Readers responding to Part 1 raised some very valid points: R. Bistrick noted that many in HR have no associated industry work experience, which limits their understanding of the business and its issues to one of keywords, often without the benefit of context. (This is certainly true for many corporate recruiters!) “It is not a new concept that HR is, ... Read More »

The Worldwide War for Talent II Is Coming: Are You Prepared?

Do you remember the war for talent in the late 1990s? Well get ready, because it’s about to return with a vengeance. If you read my articles and books, you are aware that I do a good deal of forecasting. In the past, I’ve forecasted the beginning and the end to the last hiring boom and the hiring turnaround that ... Read More »

Offshoring: Reasons For Failure

Offshoring has become a major topic of conversation lately as more and more firms look to leverage the economic benefits of lower labor costs and availability of skilled labor abroad. While politically many see offshoring in slow economic times, when jobs for U.S. workers are scarce, as taboo, for many firms currently considering or utilizing offshoring, it is the only ... Read More »

The 2004 Recruitment Boom: An Interview with Dr. John Sullivan

As an author and corporate advisor, I receive several hundred questions a week from firms looking for advice, direction, and assistance on recruiting issues. Recently, I was contacted by a firm who posed the following questions after reading article I had previously written on preparing for the second installment of the War for Talent. They were interested in sharing these ... Read More »

Holy Toledo, the Pre-Boom Has Begun! Are You Ready for a Hell of a Ride?

I am certainly no eternal optimist about the economy. But I did undergo a great deal of education in economics prior to receiving my Ph.D. This education taught me a great deal about the economic phenomenon called “precursors” or “leading indicators” that alert you to other impending economic events on the near-term horizon. Leading indicators exist for almost every form ... Read More »

Offshoring: An Essential Element of Talent Management

If you expect to have a strategic impact in recruiting, you must begin to think and act like a talent manager. Talent management is a broad, business-like approach that expands the traditional role of recruiting into areas that increase the overall productivity of your firm’s workforce. One of the areas of talent management that most HR functions have underutilized is ... Read More »