February 25 , 2018

Workforce Planning

Ebola — Are Your Corporate Leaders Prepared for All Upcoming Employee Issues?

You might initially think that Ebola is only a medical issue, but corporate leaders, HR, and recruiting professionals should realize that the likely upcoming Ebola-related panic and anxiety will also negatively impact an organization’s employees and candidates. Take a moment to visualize this possible scenario where during the upcoming flu season employees will irrationally stress, panic, and avoid other employees ... Read More »

Speed Doesn’t Kill … Slow Kills Organizations

[I will be discussing this topic with Scott Erker, SVP at DDI’s upcoming Webinar Wednesday January 29, 2014.  Register here: http://insight.ddiworld.com/webinar_agiletalentmanagement?source=sullivan ] You could accurately call me Dr. Speed because I love speed. I don’t mean the speed associated with fast cars, but instead, organizational speed. I really admire large organizations that have a track record of doing everything really fas Organizational ... Read More »

Advanced Items For Your Recruiting Agenda – What Should Google Do Next?

During the newly reinvigorated and exciting ERE conference, two attendees posed related but powerful questions to me. The first was “What advanced topics should be on the agenda of recruiting leaders at elite firms?” Or as another put it “What should Google be planning to do next in recruiting?” At least to me, future agenda items are an important topic. ... Read More »

Rebooting Your Workforce — Managing Employee Obsolescence at Wendy’s

Everyone knows what it means to reboot your computer, but what does it mean when you reboot your entire workforce? It’s no secret that the speed of change in business is incredibly fast. And as a result products, operational processes, customer expectations, and even business models are constantly changing. Every time one of these business factors is upgraded, it simultaneously ... Read More »

VUCA: the New Normal for Talent Management and Workforce Planning

If you are among the many strategic leaders frustrated with your inability to anticipate and handle the volatility and the speed of change in the talent management environment, you should take a few minutes to understand VUCA. VUCA best describes the volatile and chaotic business, economic, and physical environment that we all now face. Unless you have had your head in ... Read More »

Workforce Planning to Enable Explosive Out-of-the-Box Growth

Breaking the “War For Talent” / War On Talent Cycle Most people in recruiting and talent management are just so busy that they don’t have time to step back and build programs or marshal line managers to participate in programs that successfully let them see the “big picture.” As a result, many organizations are just starting to emerge from another ... Read More »