August 16 , 2018


Contest Recruiting: There’s No Better Way to Find Elite Talent, Part 1

You may not have realized it, but a growing number of functional excellence awards programs are promoted, sponsored, and, in some cases, even organized by corporations. From math challenges to contests aimed at identifying the best customer service associate in a local geography, these events are quickly becoming a powerful tool used by organizations to build a who's who database …

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Narrowcast Sourcing for Specific Skills and Attributes

What's the Difference? Sourcing activities, like any form of activity, can easily be grouped into categories that define scope, applicability/relevance, cost, cycle time, or any other distinguishing attribute. Narrowcasting is one such category that relates to scope of target audience addressed by the activity. It is positioned between broadcasting and microcasting. Broadcast Sourcing Broadcast sourcing activities are those that focus …

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Improving Sourcing: Techniques for Identifying Which Sources Work and Which Don’t

Recruiting is a relatively simple four-step process, the first two steps of which are called “sourcing”: First you make potential candidates aware of your firm and its job opportunities. Second, you convince candidates to actually apply for the job. Third, you assess them. And last, you try to “sell” the final candidate on your job. When you prioritize each of …

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Outsourcing and Your Brand

Last week’s column, Why Branding Is Important In HR, inspired a number of you to write in with questions regarding the impact of using outsourced providers in HR on both your corporate and employment brand. Because many of you shared similar issues, this week we wanted to address methods you can employ to make sure your corporate and employment brands are …

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Google Sourcing: How Famous Are You?

Everyone knows that Google is one of the most popular search engines for finding information. It’s quick, accurate ó and thankfully, it’s free. But only a few savvy recruiters know that Google may also be one of the easiest to use tools on the planet for both finding and assessing top professionals. You can even use it to assess your own relative …

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Sourcing Tools For Ordinary Managers

Many sourcing tools are centralized and depend on resources from the corporate level. However supervisors and line managers need to be able to identify candidates also. Here is a list of sourcing tools that are simple, effective and can be carried out by most managers without much (or any) corporate support. Top official ?calls? – Ask the CEO/ Group GM …

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