March 21 , 2018


Recruiting Questions From Hell: Sourcing and Other Areas of Employment

Section 3. Sourcing: Do you spend the majority of your money and time on the most effective sources? 1. Which recruiting source produces the very best on-the-job performers? Which source produces the worst quality hires? Does the budget percentage spent on specific sources match the effectiveness of the source? Discussion: If you run the data in recruiting, you invariably find ... Read More »

Can’t Find People? Try Name-Generation Firms To Solve Your Sourcing Problems

The solution goes by a variety of names including: Names research Name identification Unbundled search Whatever you call it, name identification research is simply the most underutilized sourcing tool in corporate recruiting. The reason that name research is so valuable is that most corporate recruiters are weak at sourcing or finding candidates. In contrast, corporate recruiters are pretty good at ... Read More »

Talent Ripe for the Picking: Targeting Top Talent in Hurricane-Impacted States

Leveraging Bad Weather and Natural Disasters Natural disasters are discriminatory, and tend to strike with a rather predictable pattern. Anything in life that has the ability to impact business and can be predicted is fair game when it comes to being competitive. Location has long been something firms have used to distinguish themselves, be it in sales or, in our ... Read More »

Employee Perception a Common Roadblock to Diversity Referrals

All Recruiting Sources Are Not Equal Given the fact that the working population of the U.S. has become more diverse in recent years, you would think that it should be easier to recruit and retain a diverse workforce. Unfortunately for many corporations, diversity recruiting is a never-ending fishing expedition that continues to yield undersized fish. Newspaper advertisements, once the standard ... Read More »

Learning Another Lesson From Sales

Numerous world-class recruiting departments have developed some degree of centralized sourcing. Often such functions can be staffed with college students, interns, and other low cost forms of labor. What follows is a listing of the most common online approaches lead generation firms use to build up their databases. All lead generation approaches share a common goal: to identify and to ... Read More »

Assessing Employee Referral Programs: A Checklist

The relative poor performance of most programs can be attributed to one or both of the following reasons: Poor program design Poor program execution From an outside advisor's perspective, recruiting managers underutilize, under-appreciate, and under-fund most ERPs — despite the fact that in many organizations referral programs produce at least 30% of all hires. This lack of effort in optimization may ... Read More »

Poaching the Best Talent Worldwide

U.S. Perceptions Exist in a Vacuum Two weeks ago, I spoke at ERE's first European conference, to a crowd of recruiters representing some of Europe's most recognized companies and a handful of U.S. companies with a strong global footprint. I opted to speak on what I consider the most aggressive recruiting tactic available to corporate recruiters: targeted talent poaching. Prior ... Read More »

December Is Prime Time for Recruiting

Some of the reasons to gear up recruiting during December include: Thinking globally requires you to recruit globally. Although many people talk about the importance of global recruiting, only a handful of U.S.-based companies actually practice global recruiting. When you begin to think globally, you realize almost immediately that not every country in the world takes the entire month of ... Read More »

Buying Words in Google Searches to Gain an Edge in Recruiting

People Do Click! It's no secret that Google books most of its revenue from selling advertising that appears at the very top and in the right-hand margin alongside search results. When searches are entered, Google servers look at the key words that are being searched for and then matches those key words to specific advertisers who are interested in reaching ... Read More »

Contest Recruiting: There’s No Better Way to Find Elite Talent, Part 2

Using Existing Contests, Challenges, and Awards Programs The first step is to ask your current top performers in each mission-critical job family what prominent awards and contests already exist in their field. Professional organizations tend to offer the most awards and contests, and could often use sponsors and judges. Focus on the associations that represent your hard-to-hire and mission-critical functional ... Read More »