May 20 , 2018

Screening & Assessment

Assessing Whether You Have an Elite Strategic Recruiting Function — a Checklist

Corporate recruiting is a field where there are distinct and measurable differences between the average and elite functions. In short, what that means is that “elite” recruiting functions (defined as the top 1%) produce superior results and act in ways that are totally different from the average function. I am frequently asked during corporate presentations to cite the difference between ... Read More »

Leading-edge Candidate Screening, Interviewing, and Assessment Practices

Candidate selection and assessment is one of the most conservative processes in all of talent management. Many think the topic is not worth a detailed examination, but a weak assessment or interview process can be the primary cause for not hiring top candidates. For decades, the majority of firms have relied heavily on the basic trio of resume screening, interviewing, ... Read More »

Game-changing: Financial Analysts Begin Assessing Talent Management Effectiveness

With access to and leverage of talent playing a more critical role in an organization’s ability to succeed than ever before, it should come as no surprise that the financial analyst community would start evaluating talent management capability when rating organizations. The fact that analysts historically haven’t paid much attention to factors like an organization’s ability to recruit, develop, or ... Read More »

Think Piece: The Only Competency That Will Matter Is Continuous Learning

Characterizing the Last 20 Years While the adoption of technology has certainly been a major driver of change, there are ultimately four characteristics that define the business environment of the last two decades. Those characteristics are: Continuous churn — frequent cycles of both rapid economic growth and contraction that forced organizations to acquire and shed both talent and entire businesses. ... Read More »

Google Continues to Innovate in Recruiting and Candidate Assessment

There’s no doubt about it: Google is one of the most innovative recruiting organizations on the planet. I’ve written in the past about some of their world-class practices, but in light of recent innovations and global news interest, an update is in order. In less than nine years, Google has grown from a tiny dorm-room entity that couldn’t attract anyone ... Read More »

Improving Interviews: Innovative Tools For Selecting “A Players” Every Time

Interviews Stink as Selection Devices Everyone conducts interviews; it is an established part of business culture and nothing is going to change that. Applicants expect interviews as do recruiters and managers. Unfortunately, the extensive use of a tool does not make that tool and accurate one. There are literally dozens of studies that demonstrate that interviews are a weak predictor ... Read More »

Using a Pre-Interview Questionnaire to Improve Your Screening Process

Resumes Can Easily Mislead The resume is a commonly used source of information. Unfortunately, the candidate's resume omits any negative information because, by design, all information contained in a resume is self-reported. In addition, because there is no standardized resume format, candidates can, willingly or unwillingly, leave out key information that you might find helpful or even necessary in making ... Read More »

A Pre-Interview Questionnaire for Improving Candidate Screening

Pre-interview questionnaires can: Reduce the amount time that managers and recruiters must spend in interviews Allow you do reduce the number of interviews Give you insight into what types of activities they value the most (because preferences are forced) Allow the candidate to provide additional information and provide information specific for the job (since most resumes are not customized to ... Read More »

Checklist for Assessing a Director of Recruiting

With the economy turning around, it seems as though almost every major firms is beginning a search for a new director of recruitment or employment. But as a former chief talent officer, and as someone who advises firms on how to select the very best, I have found that most selection committees totally miss the boat when they screen and ... Read More »