September 18 , 2018


Employee Referral Program Killers

Employee referral programs are the most powerful corporate recruiting tool, bar none. They can produce a high volume of quality hires who have been statistically proven to have lower rates of attrition. When designed well, they can not only be cost-effective, but they can produce one of the highest ROIs in the entire HR function.   Firms with well-designed referral …

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Budgeting for a World-Class Employee Referral Program

It’s no secret that employee referral programs are proving themselves around the world to be a highly effective and efficient channel for sourcing quality candidates. While many employers are drawn to the source based solely on attractive cost-per-hire predictions, those savvy enough to measure the impact post implementation are finding out that candidates sourced via referral are more apt to: …

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Increasing Diversity Hires by Modifying Your Employee Referral Program

Nearly every firm that has studied recruiting effectiveness has come to the conclusion that employee referral programs are the most effective way to find and hire high quality employees. What makes referral programs so effective is that they “multiply” the number of recruiters that a firm has available. Instead of only a few recruiters seeking out quality candidates, a referral …

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Employee Referrals and Diversity: Legal Issue or Opportunity?

Few things set us off more than uninformed people making assumptions without facts. And our “peeve of the century” is the misconception that using employee referrals has a negative impact on diversity. Time and time again, recruiting is promoted as a leading-edge profession, yet it all too often is one of the least scientific of all business roles we have …

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