May 21 , 2018


Try Using Employee Referrals for Filling Internal Openings

Everyone knows that employee referrals produce high-quality external hires, but what most don’t know is that employee referrals can also be used to improve internal movement and placement. This boost is often sorely needed because most corporate job posting and promotion processes are poorly designed and managed. Smart HR managers should use Internal Employee Referral Programs (IERP) to provide high-quality ... Read More »

Why “Name-only” Employee Referrals Produce Dramatic Results

Why Requiring a Resume Creates a Roadblock The primary goal of the “name-only” referral process is to increase the volume of high-quality referrals from employed prospects who are not active job seekers. That goal is achieved by minimizing any roadblocks that inhibit referrals. It specifically eliminates a major delaying factor, which is the need to have a resume to start ... Read More »

The Complete List of Employee Referral Program Best Practices (Part 2 of 2)

In Part 1 of this series we looked at the first 35 of 70 exceptional employee referral program features. This episode continues with 36-70 and covers features related to program responsiveness, communications, special needs/populations, technology, and process management.   V. Program Responsiveness Features Being responsive to those who refer and the referrals they submit are critical features that drive program loyalty, ... Read More »

The Complete List of Employee Referral Program Best Practices (Part 1 of 2)

I strive to be the world’s foremost champion of employee referral programs. As a thought leader in this field for more than 20 years, I have had the opportunity to assess and research hundreds of corporate ERPs, and most are pretty dull. Too many organizations task management of the program to a loosely organized committee that rarely invests the time required ... Read More »

Knowing Versus Thinking: Your Employee Referral Program Isn’t as Good as You Think

Over the past six weeks, we have attended eight large conferences that focus on or relate to talent acquisition. On the agenda in all but one were sessions dealing withemployee referral best practices (and Master Burnett and Gerry Crispin will be leading a discussion of referrals at ERE’s March 23-25 conference in San Diego). Since we have invested a great deal ... Read More »

Making Your Employee Referral Program Work Smarter — Follow-Up Questions and Answers, Part 2

Based on the registration response and volume of questions submitted during a recent ERE webinar on Making Your Employee Referral Program Work Smarter, clearly many organizations have retooling their programs on their agenda. With nearly a question a minute coming in from the hundreds in attendance, responding to all simply wasn’t possible. What follows is Part II of the public questions ... Read More »

Making Your Employee Referral Program Work Smarter — Follow-Up Questions And Answers, Part I

The performance gap between the very best employee referral programs and the typical program is growing dramatically wider each day. Benchmark organizations dedicating resources and formally managing their programs are very close to producing 50% or more of all external hires from their programs — nearly double that of the average firm. They are also using their employee referral programs ... Read More »

Using Messaging Campaigns to Spur Employee Referrals

Employee referral programs are a lot like bottles of wine. Most companies have at least one, the vast majority of which are average or less than average, and only a few ever truly become exceptional. But the similarities don’t stop there.   When the blend of features is perfect, everyone talks about their experience with friends and family, and the ... Read More »

Employee Referral Program Killers

Employee referral programs are the most powerful corporate recruiting tool, bar none. They can produce a high volume of quality hires who have been statistically proven to have lower rates of attrition. When designed well, they can not only be cost-effective, but they can produce one of the highest ROIs in the entire HR function.   Firms with well-designed referral ... Read More »