May 20 , 2018

Recruiting Tools

Recruiting With Little or No Money – Tools and Ideas to Consider

I) Recruiting Tools that Use “Other People’s Time” If you’re short on recruiting funds and on hours in the day, the best approaches to consider are those classified as “OPT” approaches that use employee time and budget resources of other departments: Recruiting at professional events. Ask your firm’s employees to recruit at local and national events, trade shows, awards dinners, ... Read More »

Great Recruiters Correctly Classify Their Prospects

Classify According to Motives Develop a formal process for grouping prospects based on their reasons for looking or not looking for a job. The premise here is that you are currently missing out on some prime prospects. You are also wasting resources on some candidates because you have failed to identify and then classify these individuals based on their motives ... Read More »

Using Google Alerts to Support Relationship Recruiting

Using Alerts as a Prospect-Monitoring Service Relationship recruiting can be a powerful form of recruiting, but it is rarely used effectively due to the tremendous amount of effort required to maintain hundreds of associations with prospects spread throughout the world. Many recruiters already accept that the most effective way to recruit an individual who is fully employed and engaged is ... Read More »

Referral Cards Can Wow Those You Meet

Tips for Developing Compelling Referral Cards The use of cards in recruiting is a hot topic these days, in part because of the controversy related to a U.S. Army recruiter who placed his recruiting business cards in the pockets of camouflage-style pants at a Target store in South Carolina. Well, the mother of a 13-year-old boy who bought one pair ... Read More »

Outrageous Recruiting Using Avatars and YouTube

Outrageous Recruiting Becomes More Common In case you haven't heard, some the very best firms in recruiting like Google, Ernst & Young, Microsoft, Bain Consultants, and even the U.S. Army have broken the mold of traditional recruiting. They have gone beyond traditional sources like job boards, newspaper ads, and career fairs to use "new media" like video games, YouTube videos, ... Read More »

Woo Candidates During an Invited Open House

Most career sales professionals have learned that it is easier to sell reluctant customers face-to-face versus remotely via phone calls and emails. As recruiters are essentially professionals selling career opportunities, it makes sense that nearly every recruiting strategy should leverage one or more face-to-face approaches such as an invited open house. Unlike some approaches, the invited open house can be ... Read More »

Can’t Find Talent…You Must Be Kidding!

In Times of Low Unemployment, Your Industry is Your Farm Team Like many, you have probably heard that there is a shortage of talent. This statement would be true if you were managing the macro-level economic engine of a state or country, but luckily, you are not. The plain and simple truth is that for any single firm there is ... Read More »

55 Low-Cost Ways to Recruit Nurses

While many firms fight a war for talent, that phrase doesn’t adequately describe what goes on in the healthcare industry. For most industries, the war for talent is a temporary condition that will eventually end, but the battle to attract and retain talent in healthcare is a struggle that literally has no foreseeable end! In the good and bad economic ... Read More »