May 20 , 2018

Recruiting Strategy

Employee Perceptions: A Common Barrier to Recruiting Success

We all know that when it comes to recruiting quality candidates, no tool works better than a well-managed employee referral program. But what few people seem to acknowledge is that your own workforce could sabotage your best recruiting efforts. Employers often believe that for the most part their employees are satisfied with their jobs, their managers, and the office environment. ... Read More »

Filling the Leadership Gap: It’s Time To Raid HP

We all acknowledge the fact that for the past few years we have been fighting a war for talent. While the war may have subsided as the economy retrenched, don’t let the calm before the storm catch you off guard. A major problem is about to descend upon U.S. corporations: the “leadership gap” is coming. If you are not already ... Read More »

Most Recruiters Are Ignorant — Honest

Recruiting is a strange field. You can’t get a degree in it at any university, and that makes learning how to become a great recruiter a difficult task. Corporations also contribute to “recruiter ignorance.” Over 95% of all corporate recruiters are given their job without any required classroom training program in recruiting. To further compound the “learning” problem, the recruiting ... Read More »

More Offer Closing Ideas

I received a number of follow-up ideas from readers as a result of my article in January on how to improve offer acceptance. Here are some of the best: Eric Lane, Intuit From Eric Lane, Silicon Valley recruiting guru and director of executive staffing at Intuit: Find out about “family” needs. Find a way to talk to the spouse or significant other to ... Read More »

Hiring a Magnet Employee To Attract Other Hires

Remember back in high school, when everyone seemed to follow the most popular athlete or cheerleader around? Not only did everyone follow these “stars” around, but everywhere they went suddenly became a “cool place.” Well, the same is true in recruiting. If you recruit noted professionals (known as “magnet hires”) to your firm, other people will follow them (as recruits ... Read More »

Are You a “World-Class” Recruiter?

Almost every recruiter I have ever met says, when asked, that they are “the best recruiter in the world.” Salespeople also seem to have the same tendency to brag a little. But if you ever wanted to find out for sure how good you or your recruiters are, now there’s a way. Of course, it’s not easy to universally assess ... Read More »

Best Practices in Recruiting: Develop a “Most Wanted” List

As a consultant, I have the opportunity to visit dozens of firms each year, and without a doubt the most frequently asked question is, “What are the best practices in recruiting?” Well, one best practice that always appears near the top of my list is developing a “most wanted” list. A “most wanted” list is simply a list of pre-identified, ... Read More »

How To Improve Your Candidate Offers

The top reasons why candidates reject offers? If you do an in-depth study of rejections, you will find some interesting facts. It might surprise you that the number one reason why people reject job offers is not because of the content of the offer. Instead, it is because of the poor way applicants were treated during the screening and selection ... Read More »

Why Candidates Reject Offers (And How To Put a Stop It)

Managers and recruiters are too tolerant when a candidate rejects an offer. It’s typical for managers to blame the recruiter, the compensation department, the candidate, or to just be accepting of the fact that “things happen.” Rather than accepting the “inevitable,” it’s important to instead study each rejection scientifically in order to identify the real reasons why offers are rejected. ... Read More »

Tips On Getting a Job as a Recruiter

It’s no secret that, with the downturn in the economy, almost every firm has reduced its hiring. As a result, there is a decreased need for recruiters. If you happen to be one of the many recruiters who are currently looking for a recruiting position, here are some admittedly aggressive tips for those of you who are willing to try ... Read More »